Something is refreshing about the word Rosé, the way it rolls off the tongue evokes images of linen clothes and leisure.

There is something very laid back about the chilled pink liquid. You don't have to worry if it pairs well with the fish or your hamburger. The answer is “yes.”

It is next to impossible to nail down the first wine labeled “Rosé” though historians tend to think wines enjoyed well before the ancient Greeks and Romans and on into the Middle Ages likely were more similar in color to what we would today call “Rosé” based on what we know about winemaking at the time.

The closest thing to Rosé as we know it came post-World War II when Mateus and Lancers, two Portuguese wine labels, released sweet, slightly sparkling Rosés in the European and American markets. Both wines sold well and remain available to this day.

The standard set by these Portuguese vintners continues with much of the innovation coming from California wine country. 

This summer there is another way to say “yes” to rosé, you can make homemade frozen cocktails known simply as Frosé.

Frosé is a mix of rosé, sugar, fruit and fruit juices. It can also be fortified with your choice of any number of liquors or liqueurs. Basically, it is a sangria slushy.

The drink was popularized in New York City in 2016 and can now be seen gently swirling in frozen drink machines behind bars all over the globe.

This recipe can be made on demand for around the pool or on the porch and is a great platform to build your own mixture off of. Any frozen fruits could be included and the concoction is easily fortified with about two ounces of your liquor or liqueur or choice.


•375 ml of dry Rosé wine

•one and a half cups frozen strawberries

•one tbsp sugar

•one and a half cups of ice

Combine the frozen strawberries, rose wine and sugar in a blender. Blend on high until smooth. Pour the mixture through a strainer to strain out any strawberry seeds. Pour the strained mixture back into the blender and add the ice cubes. Blend again until a smooth mixture remains. Serve in wine glasses with a fresh strawberry garnish. Serve in a wine glass.