The Turquoise Chandelier Cake Company 


Within months of opening her popular new Flowood bakery in November 2021, Amy McNeill quickly realized there was a very sweet opportunity just waiting for her to share her talents in Madison County, as well.

It would be her loyal Madison County customers who had been making the drive to Flowood to enjoy her creative cakes and pastries who convinced her to make the expansion.

And with that, the Turquoise Chandelier Cake Company proudly doubled its storefront presence.    

“I chose to come to Gluckstadt primarily because folks I’ve served in the Madison-Gluckstadt area wanted me to,” she said. “They didn’t want to keep coming all the way to Flowood to enjoy the goods. We prepackage goods and case cakes from Flowood and have them prepared and ready to go. Catering to two different areas can be tricky, but this has been a ‘no brainer’ since its opening in May.” 

As a self-taught baker, McNeill’s possibilities for imaginative cake designs and delicious treats seem to be unlimited. 

“I like to learn from YouTube or by looking at pictures of design ideas and then customizing it to fit the art that mimics my own thoughts,” she said. “It usually turns into a fantastic work of art – in my mind, that is!”

Those fantastic “works of art” show up regularly at weddings, parties, and other events throughout the area, and while McNeill loves creating and decorating exceptional wedding cakes, she encourages brides to have fun with the flavor, too.  

“I have a specialty item in the shop called “bridal tasters,” for brides who want to experience different cake flavors before making a commitment, she said. 

These very popular treats, also known as cake jars, are “layered cake in a jar with specialty filling and buttercream, and they are amazing,” she said. “My flavors are almond/wedding cake, chocolate on chocolate, Reese’s (peanut butter mousse and chocolate), tiramisu, tres leches, lemon, Biscoff, Italian creme, strawberry, Nutella, and several more. Typically, most jars are fully stocked, and others sell quickly and are restocked as soon as possible.”

As for the wedding cake design, McNeill says her brides’ preferences “are all so different. I may run into a bride who loves texture, art, and sass – while others love simplicity and clean layers. My heart loves texture of all kinds. Gold drips, on top of clean surfaces cakes. And texture, with style.”

In addition to customized cake orders, both shops offer freshly baked daily treats for sweet tooths with refined tastes.    

“Of course, we have the ever-popular staples – chess squares, strawberry pop tarts, petit fours, iced cookies, impeccable bridal tasters, and more,” McNeill said. “We have a continuous shift in product to keep our customers happy.” 

Keeping up with that continuous shift means continuous work. 

“A typical work week for me varies,” she said. “Most all my scheduling is done on my phone and transferred pen to paper on the week of pickup. The number of custom cake orders for any given weekend can range from 15 to 25. I have one or two wedding cakes booked for every weekend until summer of ‘23.”

In addition to those custom cakes, McNeill said daily replenishment of each store’s display cases with cookies and other goodies means baking about 75 of each item, or around 400 separate pastries, that typically sell out each day. 

While she is focused on keeping things running smoothly at her shops, McNeill wants customers and future customers to know how important it is to her to make people happy. 

The mother of five who became a mom at a young age, she said she has always had a servant’s heart – a trait she hopes customers see in her work. 

“You are humbled when hard things in life shake you,” she said. “Something in me drives me to want to make people happy. I think being a servant to people is a need I have, to serve them and feel love for them. I don’t focus on the monetary element of this business so much, although that is important, of course. It’s about relationships. Something sparks in me, and I want to make them happy.” 

Another personal attribute she values for herself is taking the time to get the details right.  

For instance, she noted, “Stacking cake layers in this summer heat and delivering them looking perfect is a challenge to me,” she said. “For whatever reason, my soul just loves stress.”

McNeill knew from the time she was a teenager that she had an artistic, imaginative bent. 

“I find beauty in my work,” she said. 

Even the name of her business is unique, inspired by an inventive hobby.   

“The name of my bakery, The Turquoise Chandelier Cake Company, came from my love for chandeliers and painting with chalk paint, and I love the color turquoise. Before I opened my bakery, I was refinishing or repainting furniture pieces with chalk paint and selling them as a hobby. That’s when I created a social media account and named it ‘The Turquoise Chandelier.’ After some time, I transitioned to making cakes for sale. I started posting my cakes on my socials under that name, and it stuck. It just isn’t your typical ‘bakery name.’ And that’s why I love it!”

She is quick to recognize the contributions and talents of her staffs at both locations, emphasizing that “this operation would never be possible without their help,” along with that of her family, whose adjustment to her new working hours, she says, “is a work in progress.”    

Her family, who now lives in Gluckstadt, includes husband Scott McNeill and children: Abbey, 24; Brandon, 20; Addison, 14; Creed, 10; and Crew, 2. 

“My schedule is not your typical 8 to 5,” she said. “Most every day, I leave at closing time, or try to. On weekends, 4:30 a.m. ‘work mornings’ are my norm. This was a huge ‘con’ on my list of pros and cons before opening a space. I wondered, ‘How could I be a good enough mom, and be ‘present’ at the end of every workday?’ I’m not sure that’s possible. All we can do, as working mommas, is the very best that we can! I do have to have a lot of help to have a successful workday.”

She credits her father, Randy McClellan, who passed away in February 2020 after a lengthy illness, for her strong work ethic.

“He is the one who motivated me to work so hard,” she said. “Every day I feel like I’m dedicating my work and this business to him.” 

Keeping up with her hard work is worth it, she said, because the thing she’s most proud of in her business is that “at the end of the day, I’ve gained lifelong friends. I’m thankful for our customers, vendors, and my family. Without their support, I couldn’t be who I am.”

What makes The Turquoise Chandelier unique? 

“A lot of things,” McNeill said. “Every baker’s work is authentic to them. I have my own artist’s style. It’s not just about the cake. At the end of the day, it’s something from my heart that drives my goals and plans for the future. I think it t runs much deeper than that.”

And if you visit her shops, she adds, “I hope to have you leave better than you came in.”

Information about store locations, hours of operation, and links to social media are below. 

Flowood - 320 Belle Meade Pointe, Flowood, Miss. 


Mon – closed

Tues – Fri 12 p.m.– 6 p.m.

Sat – 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.  

For information or to place an order, text only (601) 405-3840. No DMs to order, please.

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