Trends: Floral Arrangements


As hard as it is to let go of summer every year, the transition to autumn never fails to bring its own unique brilliance.

Not only does the season remind us of the comfort of familiar traditions (football games, homecoming events, tailgating, the anticipation of Halloween fun and the customs of Thanksgiving), one of fall’s biggest joys is nature’s rich color palates.

A great way to enjoy those color changes is bringing them indoors or even on your own front porch or lawn.

Gina Diamond, owner of Gina Diamond’s Flower Co. in Madison, has seen many seasonal trends come and go through the lens of a professional florist.     

What new trends can we expect to see for floral arrangements this season? Diamond explains that with a nod to the vibrant hues you can expect to see this autumn.

“Fall ushers in richer, deeper toned flower colors,” she said. “This year we are seeing traditional colors such as orange, gold, and burgundy, as well as moodier dark tones of purple and deep red, and pale neutrals such as blush and coffee.

“Beginning in September we start seeing more fall floral materials such as millet, cremones, (chrysanthemums), marigolds, deeper colored sunflowers in burgundy and red, and scabiosa (also known as pincushion flowers).”  

The trending accents Diamond uses for autumn arrangements embrace elements such as berries, bittersweet, chocolate Queen’s Anne lace, and millet in both green and chocolate hues. The greenery, she said “also turns a bit richer with burgundies and deep greens.” 

Below she shares several floral trends expected for this season.  

The Floral Industry’s Nod to Support the Environment

“The floral industry changes like the rest of the world,” Diamond said. “There are new innovations and new ways of achieving designs.  Currently, there is much emphasis on creating arrangements without floral foam, wire, or tape, as these can be hard on our environment.  We have made this shift in our shop both in creating as many designs as we can foam free, as well as choosing foam that biodegrades faster than those of the past.

A “Growing” Interest in Houseplants

Thanks to their low maintenance, versatility and beauty, potted plants are receiving more interest.  

“We have an extensive houseplant section in our store, and it has continued to grow since we opened,” Diamond said. “Our plants come directly from the greenhouse, making them super healthy. Many times, we use plants in arrangements or create a European garden.”  

Early Fall Events Begin at School 

The busy season at her shop begins in early fall with high school homecoming dances, Diamond said, adding that ordering early for these events is essential. 

A trending change Diamond has seen at these events is “a shift from traditional wristlets for young ladies to handheld bouquets. Generally referred to as a ‘nosegay,’ this bouquet is basically smaller than you might see as bridesmaid’s bouquets. They are designed to coordinate with her dress, and usually with multiple colors. 

“Young gentlemen continue to wear boutonnieres that often coordinate with their date’s flowers. The trend with boutonnieres is to use more unusual materials instead of a typical rose.  Orchids and ranunculus have been some of our favorites because they hold up well.” 

Performances, Awards and Pageants  

Demand for year-round presentation bouquets for performances, awards and pageants has also increased, she said. “These types of bouquets rest on your arm and usually have a pretty, coordinating bow.  We have seen an increase in dance recital bouquets, which are usually for younger girls and are small in nature but very sweet.” 

Halloween Fun 

Also trending, Diamond said, is “a large rise” in all things Halloween, with preferences ranging from cute and fun looks to traditional pumpkins, while another craze for the Halloween season this year is the use of pinks and hot pinks in holiday décor.   

“Hot pink has played a big role in making these (Halloween) items happy,” Diamond said.  We have wreaths with ghosts, pumpkins, or crows to help welcome guests, and many of our décor items are great to add to a front porch or use inside.”  

Bringing pink into the Halloween theme has become a playful addition for “colorful bright pumpkins, candy corn, cats, and scarecrow characters, perfect for creating a cute and happy tablescape or vignette,” she said.

A popular and more sophisticated trend in Halloween décor is the collectable Hot Skwash pumpkins made of velvet, brocade or silk, adorned with feathers “or other interesting elements.”   

Thanksgiving Flowers and Materials

In addition to their orders for traditional cornucopia for Thanksgiving centerpieces, shoppers are drawn to the birch and wooden vases and containers that add a rustic patina, texture, and mood, Diamond said. 

“As far as flowers (for Thanksgiving),” she said, “we are usually matching (flower) colors to table linens and china.  We have created traditional colored arrangements such as burgundies, orange, and rust, as well as neutral-colored arrangements and even pastels.  It is very fun to be able to use our creativity to design what is just right for the customer.”

Front Door Wreaths for the Holidays 

Seasonal front door wreaths continue to be very popular, especially for Thanksgiving and Christmas, Diamond noted.   

“Moving toward the holidays, we carry faux as well as fresh greenery wreaths and all of the bows, glitters and florals to create beautiful seasonal wreaths.”

And with the homes of many patrons having double doors to welcome guests, she and her staff will be doubling their efforts to create distinctive door wreaths. Among the popular wreath adornments they’ll be working into these welcoming floral pieces are faux boxwood, magnolia, eucalyptus, grapevine and other seasonal items.    

With holiday orders keeping the staff busy, Diamond emphasizes that “It’s never too early to place your order.” To find order deadlines, check the shop’s social media sites. 

Personal Vases and Containers

While her shop offers vases and containers of all types, another popular trend for customers is to bring in their own containers for Diamond’s staff to craft creative centerpieces.

“Customers often have heirloom vases or special pieces that they bring in for us to use,” Diamond said. “We usually have a brief meeting to go over all the needs to make sure the mood of the party or event is supported by the beauty of the floral arrangements.”

A few examples of those vessels that they have worked with include soup tureens, silver champagne coolers, antique dough bowls and more.

Of Note: 

Diamond and her staff hold workshops for up to 50 attendees each month (August – November and January – April), with each event providing tempting foods, flowers, and instruction on creating a particular floral arrangement, along with containers for their finished creations.   

Gina Diamond’s Flower Co. Info  

The shop also offers an extensive array of entertaining essentials, including select food items, china, everyday dishes, serve ware, table linens and barware.  

Gina Diamond’s Flower Co. is at 2160 Main Street in Madison. Get in touch through their  website at, on Facebook, and by phone at (601) 707-7806.